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Upgrade Your Router: Enhancing Your Internet Experience

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Upgrade your router for a better online experience. Learn how to improve internet speeds, eliminate lag, and optimize your network setup for seamless connectivity. Invest in quality network equipment today!

It's 2022. Everything we do is online. So why do we continue using our ISP modem/router combos? Look at your everyday life. You probably wake up and look at your phone or tablet. You might speak to a smart device like Google Home or Alexa and ask them to turn your lights, read you the news, and let you know if it is going to rain on your way to work. When you get home chances are you are using Netflix or Hulu or any of the millions of streaming apps. Maybe you're a gamer and your ping makes multiplayer unplayable. The point is, your ISP-provided router is very likely the culprit.

A tablet computer showing a low wifi signal and a loading bar.

Let's go through the different types of network equipment to up your internet game. Here are some components to create a great, lag-free network.

Let's Talk About Your Current Modem/Router Combo

Bad internet can manifest in many different forms. Netflix and Youtube may end up looking pixelated or like you're watching an old VHS. You may think you need a new computer because websites aren't loading. Or your smart home gear simply doesn't seem to respond to commands. We hear it all the time. More often than not, it is because you are using a modem/router combo from your internet service provider with poor placement. If you are in a house, chances are your modem/router is sitting downstairs at a far corner of the house. That signal has to penetrate a bunch of walls and flooring to get to your devices. So let's remedy that.

Disable Your Router On Your Modem/Router Combo

It is time for an upgrade. Do you have a multi-level home? A Mesh network may be the right choice for you. You may have heard of network range extenders, and they do work to a point. The biggest issue is they create a completely different network that your devices may intermittently connect to. To remedy poor WiFi signals throughout the home, a mesh system is created by connecting two or more points and creating one cloud of shared internet space. All one network, talking to all network points as one. Place one on each level of your house, and you're often good to go.

A lot of new tech such as the Google Pixel 6/Pro, Apple iPhone, and Sony Playstation 5 take advantage of WiFi 6. WiFi 6 is the ultra-fast new standard, so keep an eye out for the support when looking for a new router.

Network Switches

Maybe you have a newer home and would prefer to hard-wire your home in addition to having strong WiFi. A network switch acts as a splitter for your hard-wired internet connections. Simply plug an ethernet cable from your router into the network switch to give the switch internet. From there you can plug in however many ethernet cables as your switch supports to give you ethernet connections out to your rooms or devices.

Let's Sum This Up

If you've checked your internet speeds and you're simply not getting the performance you've been paying for, it's probably time to think about investing a bit of money into some good network equipment. A good new router and some network switches may be a bit of investment, but when your life relies heavily on that internet connection, it might be worth every penny.

Do you think it is worth spending a few bucks to get the most out of your network setup?


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