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Apple Patent Shows a Mac Integrated Magic Keyboard - Could It Kill the Mac Mini?

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Apple is looking to possibly build a Mac into their Magic Keyboard. And with the power of Apples in house M1 chip, why not?

A white apple keyboard and mouse on a white table.

To say Apple has been a catalyst for change and innovation in the tech world would be an understatement. Cupertino has lobbied for and integrated many changes for better or worse such as the ability to have an entire library of music at your fingertips, the removal of Flash, and the eventual death of the headphone jack. So why should your keyboard be any different?

Apple recently filed a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to integrate an entire computer right into their Magic keyboard. With every move Apple makes, much of the industry tends to follow. Though they aren't the first to experiment with the idea of a computer integrated into a keyboard, the Apple M1 chip (and beyond) could be the first keyboard/computer powerful enough to actually give a good experience to the end-user. But is it a ridiculous idea? In concept, sure. But the execution is of course key. Think back to 2010. The iPad was ridiculed for being an oversized phone that nobody would ever use. The fact is, it was simple and convenient. And they worked extremely well. The execution was everything. Fast forward to 2022, and Apple has sold well over half a billion iPads.

Could this replace the Mac Mini? It's still too early to tell if this patent will ever materialize into anything, or if Apple is simply testing the waters of some new tech. But just like the iPod, iPhone, and iMac, we would certainly be eager to try out an Apple keyboard powerful enough to edit 4K footage.

The prospect of being able to throw your keyboard into a bag and connect it to any monitor and continue working is certainly interesting. Having an entire media editing suite in your keyboard could feel like the future. Could you see yourself using an Apple keyboard/computer hybrid?

A black background and a computer with editing software running along with an RGB mouse and keyboard.

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